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Speaking1 Topic: Will libraries disappear with the spread of technology?

Some people think that with the development of technology and the Internet, libraries will disappear, while others think libraries are always necessary. What do you think?

In the 15 seconds that I have for note-taking, here’s what I will jot down:

  1. Libraries will stay.
  2. Reason 1: Experience
  3. Reason 2: Love of physical books
  4. Personal experience visiting a library

Here's my detailed response:

Rapid developments in technology have certainly made us question the longevity of libraries. In my opinion, libraries are timeless and will stand up to the competition from technology. First, libraries provide a superior experience when compared to reading on a laptop, mobile phone, or other devices. Technology cannot provide the quiet, calming effect of a library. Second, lovers of books all around the world continue to buy physical books, visit libraries, and immerse themselves in the reading experience. As long as these book lovers exist, libraries will continue to thrive. I once remember visiting a 200-year old library in the south Indian city of Chennai. Built in the year 1812, this library was mysterious, beautifully designed, and had more than 83,000 books. It was like an oasis in the middle of the urban chaos all around.