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Speaking 1 Topic: Watch the news everyday or just once in a while?

Some people like to watch television news programs every day, while others like to watch them only now and then. Which do you prefer? Include details and examples to support your explanation.

In the 15 seconds I have for note-taking, here's what I would jot down:

  1. Only once in a while
  2. Reason 1 - Noisy, disturbing
  3. Reason 2 - Prefer recaps
  4. Example - Weekly program

Here's my actual response:

I do not like to watch news programs on television regularly, and instead, prefer to watch a summary once a week. First, I find that news programs on television tend to get very noisy and disturbing these days. In addition to the anchor, there are at least four guests on every program, and it gets overwhelming. Also, I find that news programs can get addictive. I find it difficult to tear myself away from the endless broadcast of live news. Every Friday, at 9:00 PM, there’s a news digest on a regional channel, which provides a summary of the week’s news. I find this to be a valuable source of information, rather than an hourly dose of live news.