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Speaking 1 Topic: Speak immediately or wait and listen?

Some people prefer to give their opinions immediately. Others prefer to wait and listen to others’ opinions before giving their own. Which one do you think is better?

In the 15 seconds I have for note-taking, here's what I would jot down:

  1. Wait and listen
  2. Reason 1: Polite
  3. Reason 2: Learn and prepare
  4. Example: Conversation with a friend

Here's my detailed response:

I believe that listening is a skill that's difficult to acquire. However, it's the best way to build enduring relationships and also learn. First, I believe that when I wait and listen to the opinion of others, it's a way of showing my politeness. It also helps me receive their complete attention when I speak next. Also, when I listen to others during a conversation, there's a lot that I learn. It also helps me prepare so I'm able to add meaningful points to the discussion. I once remember having a conversation with a friend. She keenly listened to everything I had to say. After listening to me without absolutely any interruption, she proceeded to summarize what I had said. She then added to the points I had mentioned. It was one of the most fulfilling conversations I had ever had.