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Speaking 1 Topic: Save money or spend?

If you had a small amount of money, would you spend it right away or save it? Use details and examples to support your explanation.

Because time to plan my answer is short, I like to answer based on experience.  I try to sandwich the explanation to my answer between a topic sentence and a concluding sentence.  Like this...

If I had a small amount of money, I would save it.  I have always been a saver so that I can buy things I really want.  When I was young, I really wanted a new bike.  However, they cost quite a lot for a youngster, but I saved up every penny I got for my birthday and working around the house doing chores.  It took a while, but I finally had enough to get the bike I wanted.  Once I got it, I had such a sense of pride because I had worked so hard for it.  I made sure to take the best care of it.  Saving my money for things I really want gives me a better satisfaction than just buying smaller things and spending my money right away.


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I really like your answer, Nayla. It's genuine and articulated so well.

Here are the notes I would jot down:

  1. Spend on books
  2. Empathy
  3. Travel
  4. Example - Lost

Ever since my childhood, I've loved reading. Any small amount of money I had, I would spend on books. While it may be considered impulsive spending, here's why I believe I'm doing the right thing. First, books give me a chance to see the world from different perspectives and not just mine. Reading teaches empathy and I find myself relating better to people because of my reading habit. Also, books are an alternative to my other love, which is travel. I do not always have the money to travel, but books help me escape to distant lands. I've always wanted to travel to California and hike along the Pacific Coast, but I never had the money. When I read Cheryl Strayed’s “Lost,” the book helped me travel without moving an inch.