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Speaking 1 Topic: Online courses or traditional classrooms?

Which study method do you prefer, online courses or traditional classrooms?

In the 15 seconds that I have for note taking, here's what I would jot down:

  1. traditional classroom
  2. Reason 1: No distractions
  3. Reason 2: camaraderie
  4. Example: Poetry class

Here's my detailed response:

Given a choice, I would certainly prefer a traditional classroom. First, there are absolutely no distractions in a physical classroom. It’s the teacher interacting with his or her students, with no notifications from social media channels. Also, I like the sense of camaraderie that happens in a classroom. While there are facilities to send messages or raise one’s hand virtually in an online class, I do not feel motivated to participate, because I feel physically disconnected from the class. I once remember attending a poetry class in school, where my teacher was taking us through Wordsworth’s ‘Daffodils.’ I still remember my teacher’s voice, the sounds of appreciation from my friends, and the gentle breeze that was wafting in through a window. I wonder if something like that is ever possible in an online course.