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Speaking 1 Topic: New books or used?

Some people prefer to buy new books, while some people like to buy used books. What is your preference?

In the 15 seconds I have for note taking, here’s what I will jot down:

  1. Used books
  2. Reason 1: Environment friendly
  3. Reason 2: Cheaper
  4. Reason 3: Notes
  5. Bought a book with a note

Here’s my detailed response:

I certainly prefer to buy pre-owned books. First, I strongly believe that by buying a used book, I am doing my bit for the environment. I certainly do not want to be a reason for more trees to be cut down. Second, I find that used books are much cheaper than new books. Also, I love the little notes that I find sometimes in used books. It fills me with a sense of awe and wonder that I own a book that somebody once gifted to a loved one. I once remember buying a used book at a library sale in California. It was a very old edition of Black Beauty. On the first page, I found a beautiful message that somebody named John had written in 1945 for his daughter, Clara, on her birthday. It was a moving experience.