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Speaking 1 Topic: Donate to local group or international organization?

You are planning to donate money to a charity and want it to have a major impact on people. Should you donate to a small local group or to a large international organization?

In the fifteen seconds I have for note-taking, here's what I would jot down:

  1. Local
  2. Reason 1: quick
  3. Reason 2: visible
  4. Storm example

Here's my detailed response:

I would certainly prefer to donate money to a group that is based out of my city, rather than to a global charity. First, I believe that you measure social impact not just by the number of people the initiative reaches, but also by how quickly they get help. When I donate money to a local charity, I know that the help would reach them immediately. Also, I will be able to directly see the impact of the contribution I made when it is a local group. In 2016, a very severe storm hit my state and rendered millions of people homeless and hungry. A local NGO swung into action immediately and provided relief, as opposed to international organizations that took quite a bit of time to reach them.