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Speaking 1 Topic: Do you prefer traveling alone or in a group?

Some people prefer to travel with other people, while others like to travel on their own. Which method of traveling do you prefer and why?

In the 15 seconds I have for note-taking, here's what I will jot down:

  1. Alone
  2. Reason 1: Solitude
  3. Reason 2: Learning
  4. Recent trek to a jungle

Here's my detailed response:

I've been to different parts of the world, both in groups as well as alone. I certainly prefer to travel on my own. First, my personality is such that I prefer solitude. When I'm alone, I spend time reading a book, enjoying the sounds of nature, or just contemplating. These are things I cannot do in a group. Also, I've seen that there's a tremendous amount of learning that happens when I need to find my way around in a new place. In a group, I would just follow everybody else and not really figure things out independently. Recently, I went on a hike through a jungle in central India. While people usually go on hikes in a group, I went with just a forest guide. I had a thoroughly wonderful time.