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Speaking 1 Topic: Do you prefer living in an urban or rural area?

Do you prefer living in an urban or rural area? State your preference and give reasons as to why you feel that way.

In the 15 seconds available for note-taking, I would jot down the following:

  1. Rural
  2. Clean air, water, food
  3. Well connected
  4. Time spent on a farm

Here's my response to the question:

I have lived in cities and in villages. Based on my experience, I would certainly prefer to spend a large portion of my time in a rural area. First, I like the clean, unpolluted environment in areas away from the city. The water is pure, the air is good for my lungs, and the food is grown on small farms with no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Also, with the spread of wireless technology today, I can work from a rural area, while also enjoying the benefits of living there. A few years back, I spent about six months volunteering on a farm. I enjoyed the experience. Given a choice, I would definitely have loved to continue living there.

Let me give it a try... since there would be only 15 seconds to write down my notes:

In the note-taking time:

Rural: clean air, fewer people, less pollution, slow-pace

Urban: conveniences, more job opp,  lower cost


When I see this question, my heart-feeling would say go with the rural areas. The first things that come to my mind are blue sky, clean air, a relaxing lifestyle, friendly neighbors, and small restaurants with local delicacies... all these are wonderful imaginations of how life would be in the countryside.  I do, however, have a memory of visiting my grandmother who lives in a rural area. The air is indeed cleaner, and lifestyle was relaxing, but I got bored very quickly because there wasn't much to do, and the road is made with small stones and mud.  It is very nasty on rainy days. Also, job options are very limited with no future potentials. In reality, I would choose to live in an urban area for now.

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Well articulated, Jackson! I think there will be many people who agree with you. At the outset, rural life might seem attractive when compared to the noise and pollution of urban life. Like you said, bad roads and a lack of job opportunities could be difficult things to deal with.

Jackson, I understand your thoughts, but I suggest sticking with one side rather than flip-flopping.  When I first read your statement, I was sure that you are going to tell me that you would rather live in a rural area.  But, by the end, you changed your mind.  Maybe it could be something like this...

Although my first gut reaction is to say that I would prefer living in a rural area, I know that there are fewer job opportunities and the dirt roads can be a muddy mess.  On the other hand, not only are there plenty of job opportunities,  there are so many activity options in an urban area.  I like to be moving and doing as much as possible. I know that I will always be able to find something adventurous to partake in.  Nightlife is always busy, and I could never tire of all the dining options.  If I want a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, I will just take a vacation to a rural area.  Living in an urban area best fits my lifestyle.

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Thank you both!  ^^