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Speaking 1 Topic: Apartment close to campus but expensive or far away and cheaper?

You need to choose between two apartments to live in next semester. One apartment is near the campus but slightly expensive. The other is a little far from the campus but cheaper. Which one do you prefer and why?

In the 15 seconds I have for note-taking, here's what I will jot down:

  1. Close to campus
  2. Reason 1: Saves time
  3. Reason 2: More facilities and options
  4. Example: Friend who got time to volunteer

Here's my detailed response:

Given a choice, I would certainly prefer to live close to the campus although it might be more expensive. First, I would need to commute daily between my place of stay and the university. I would be saving a lot of time by cutting down on my commute. Also, residential areas around a campus usually have better infrastructure and facilities than areas that are far away.  Campuses usually have good eating joints, departmental stores, and other such options close to them. I remember a friend of mine who had chosen to live very close to campus. She had so much time on hand because of this decision that she decided to volunteer at a local library during her spare time.