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Q1: Should students have a job while they are studying in shcool?

Here's an interested TOEFL Speaking question about whether students should have a job or not, let's hear your thoughts for it!

Do you agree or disagree that students should have a job while they are studying in school? Use details and examples to support your explanation.

For question 1, you will have 15 seconds to prepare your answer and 45 seconds to make a response.

Start by taking quick notes in point-form to organize your thoughts. 15 seconds is enough for putting your thoughts together but too short to write a complete answer. Therefore, do not ever try to attempt writing a full answer during this brief preparation time.
Make quick notes, write down why you agree or disagree. What're your reasons for your point of view? Try sounds natural when you start speaking your answer.
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This is a very interesting question! Here's how I would approach this:


  1. Disagree
  2. Reason 1 - Distraction
  3. Reason 2 - Fatigue
  4. Example - Friend who worked at a cafe

This is my detailed answer:

I believe that the years in school are valuable and have a specific focus. Therefore, I do not think that students should have a job while they are in school. First, a job would take up a significant amount of a student's time. The demands of a job could result in unnecessary stress and distraction. In addition, the exhaustion that a job could cause will prevent the student from focusing in school. Let me give an example. I had a friend in school who took up a job as a waitress in a cafe. She would spend about six to eight hours at work every evening, including weekends. There were days when she would fall asleep during class. Eventually, she quit her job, because she could not handle the pressure and fatigue anymore.