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Q1: Does student learn better with the help of technology?

TOEFL Speaking - Question 1 topic:
Do you agree or disagree that students learn better with the help of technology? Use details and examples to support your explanation. 

It is easiest to respond when the ideas come from personal experience.  I would first jog up a memory in which I either learned better with technology or a time when technology made learning more difficult.

  1. Memory: Doing research for a report.
  2. Agree or Disagree:  Technology made it easier.
  3. Example 1:  I was able to use on-line journals from the comfort of my home.
  4. Example 2: I could do more research in a shorter amount of time than if I had to go to a library to do the research.
  5. Conclusion:  Restate my stance on the question


Example Response:

I agree that technology makes learning easier.  There have been many times in which I had to write a research paper for school and technology made it much easier to complete the research.  I was able to complete the research by using online journals, and I didn't have to leave my dorm room in order to get the information.  In addition, using technology helps me to complete the project more quickly since I don't have to go to the library to search for the articles on paper.  With the convenience of researching from home and the time-saving technology, I am able to spend more time learning other important topics, which is why I believe technology makes learning easier.

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This is a great sample response, Nayla!

Just like you, I believe that drawing from personal experience is very important when responding. It brings genuineness and spontaneity to the answer. It also becomes easier to quickly jot down the points when there's a personal experience one can refer to.