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Speaking1 Topic: Message or phone call?

Some people prefer to send messages, while others prefer making phone calls. Which one do you prefer?

In the 15 seconds I have for note-taking, here’s what I would jot down:

  1. Send messages
  2. Reason 1: Non-intrusive
  3. Reason 2: Communicate better
  4. Example of looking for a roommate

Here’s my detailed response:

I certainly prefer sending messages over making phone calls. First, I believe that phone calls can be very intrusive. When people receive messages from me, they can read it at their convenience. Also, I communicate better through writing. I find it easier to write down my thoughts and then share them through messages rather than speaking. When I communicate orally, I’m often distracted by the responses from the other person and the conversation tends to go off-topic. This reminds me of an episode when I was looking for a roommate while in college. When I called a few people who had expressed interest via email, I found it difficult to describe the room and the available amenities. However, when I sent a written message, there was clarity in my communication.